Automation Solution, Community & Innovation Partners

Automation-based Solution Partners 

Lintott's Automation Solution Partners comprise World-Class hardware & software Original Equipment Manufacturers / Vendors.  Each offers innovative technologies thatcomplement / add value to Lintott's factory-built products so that the valueproposition is enhanced (which, where applicable, can include process integration with existing systems).

Automation Solution Partners include:-

The Company's Team of certified Software Application Engineers have access to the latest software packages & support services, which ensures the optimum solution is delivered every time.

Community & Innovation Partners 

The Company has an increasing number of Community & Innovation Partners.  Working together, the intention is to:-

  • Proudly demonstrate the engineering, manufacturing & research competencies located in Norfolk & East Anglia.
  • Lead & share best practice.
  • Create an environment of continuous skills & training.
  • Develop leadership.
  • Create innovative solutions – leveraging local expertise & talent.

Partners include, but are not limited to:-