Software System Integration

Offering the complete delivery & service package, Lintott is recognised as one of the UK's leading Systems Integrators. Based on meeting & wherever possible exceeding customer expectations, projects are delivered in accordance with Lintott's formalised & integrated e-Management System. 

The knowledge gained as a result of serving Industry over 5 decades enables the Company to be expertly positioned for the design of new systems as well as the replacement of unsupportable / legacy systems & / or networks.

Lintott's highly qualified & trained Software Engineers have extensive knowledge of numerous (current & legacy) software architectures & hardware platforms.  These include, but not limited to:-


Siemens WinCC
Rockwell RSView (SE, 32)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs):

Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation)

Systems are constructed in a manner which greatly simplifies testing, maintenance & future modification. 

Expert personnel see the project through from start to finish, which often includes the following tasks & activities: Intrusive Site Survey; Consultation; Design & Build; Software Development; Test & Commissioning, & Service Support.