Corporate Social Responsibility

Lintott intimately understands the environmental, social & ethical aspects of business policy & performance that are critical for the success & reputation of the Company today & in the future. The Company takes an increasingly pioneering approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & in contributing to the challenges of Sustainable Development. This cascades into a number of aligned programmes. Below is a small sample of initiatives which fall under Lintott's CSR umbrella.




Lintott aims to provide the safest, most challenging & personally rewarding experience possible.  The Corporate Vision to be the 'supplier of choice' can only be realised by fostering a talented, efficient & diligent team, who are focused on delivering outstanding customer service.   

The Company is committed to building a culture that acknowledges & rewards success.  It does this by providing individuals with the independence & responsibility they need to deliver results & to make a real difference.

A true meritocracy, Lintott provides personally tailored career development & training programmes. Championed by the Company's leadership, cultural awareness, individual strengths, experiences & backgrounds are fully respected & valued. Various schemes, such as the quarterly "Outstanding Contribution Award" have been developed which are designed to recognise, reward & stimulate the Company's people-based capital. It’s no accident that the Company has a positivity rate of 88%!

With a rich history in training & rewarding career development, 8% of Lintott's workforce are in a formalised apprenticeship & in each of the last 4 years, training events have increased at a compound rate of 36%!

The wellbeing of the Company’s workforce is of prime importance. To help achieve this, Lintott has a formalised Wellbeing Policy. To deliver this, the Company’s evolving programme of approaches includes, but is not limited to:-

  • Doing everything possible to ensure the safest working environment. This will be achieved by:-

    - Investigating & implementing best practice & continuous improvement.

    - Consultation & engagement with employees – continually.

    - Regular audits & reviews which specifically target health & well-being.

  • Providing information to inform & educate employees regarding lifestyle choices.
  • Encouraging & helping people to positively change their behaviours which will positively influence their wellbeing.
  • Providing access to expert counselling / consultation if & where applicable.
  • Regularly assessing job design, employee satisfaction & performance.
  • Seeking to assess conditions which can affect wellbeing (such as stress & excess working).

The Community

Lintott has a range of aligned schemes designed to enhance the community. This includes partnering with academia, civic partners & business peers.

The Company actively engages in initiatives designed to promote engineering & manufacturing within the community.  This seeks to demonstrate that the sector provides excellent career opportunities with the chance to learn cutting-edge skills.  In the case of young people, Lintott hopes to help engender the next generation of engineers & technicians. 

Lintott recognises the benefit & value in harnessing the support & expertise of its employees. To leverage this, the Company has created a Community Engagement Policy. Based on a formalised mechanism, the Company provides support & time, which in the latter instance would otherwise have been spent in the workplace. As a result, employees are able to, on a voluntary basis, engage in community & / or charitable initiatives.  In addition to its 9 STEM ambassadors, since the launch of its formalised Community Engagement Policy in 2015, over c140 community events have taken place.


From time to time, Lintott also contributes to charities & promotes charitable support within its workforce.

The Environment


Lintott is dedicated to preserving & improving the environment. This is achieved through the development & improvement of its ISO 14001 accredited (International Environmental Standard) Business Management System, strategic implementation of the Company's Carbon Policy, & best practice leadership.  One of a host of activities undertaken in this arena includes the direct measurement of the Company’s carbon footprint: Data is collected & reported monthly by the Business Assurance Function. Through a focused programme & the setting of targets & objectives, Lintott has reduced its operational carbon footprint at a 4-year compound rate of 11%.

As process solutions designer & manufacturer of environmental technologies, enhancing the environment is also achieved through continuous product development & the use of technologies which seek to reduce carbon / environmental impacts.

Health & Safety

As a matter of Policy & Strategy, Lintott has a ‘no compromise’ approach to Health & Safety. The Company’s foremost Corporate Value states, “Health, Safety & Well-being are integral to all processes & practices.” At the heart of this is the principle of ‘care for everyone’. Reflecting its strategic importance, the Company has a dedicated Health & Safety webpage. To be redirected please click here.

Leading Best Practice

Lintott is increasingly recognised for its unremitting approach to Best Practice & the sharing of the same across stakeholder groupings.

The Company's integrated & all-embracing Continuous Improvement Programme is championed directly by the Board of Directors, encompassing each & every employee, where & how they operate. Synonymous with this, Lintott is staunchly committed to operating the safest & cleanest work environment possible - both internally & externally. This is delivered with the active participation of key stakeholders & is built on the leadership & the implementation of best practice.


Lintott is committed to being a role model corporate citizen, complying with the Ethical Trading Base Code & upholding the Company’s policy of Responsible Procurement. This is based on the following principles, outlined in the Company's Procurement Policy & the aligned & formalised Procurement Departmental Development Plan:-

  • Consistent with the Company’s Business Ethics Policy, Lintott is unambiguous about operating the highest ethics, absolute transparency & adherence to all laws, regulations, minimum standards & continuous improvement. The same is expected of the Company’s supplier partners.
  • Lintott is dedicated to protecting Human Rights, Health & Safety excellence & generating positive outcomes which support & contribute to the Sustainable Development agenda. The Company expects its suppliers to operate with the same ethics.
  • Lintott recognises the benefit in the sharing of best practices with its stakeholders & requires that its suppliers do likewise.
  • The Company expects its suppliers to maintain & develop effective policies, processes & procedures that are aligned & fully embrace the points stated above.Lintott has an annual programme of assessing suppliers against specific criteria which is intended to ensure its supply base operates ethically.